eawag-Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Collaboration between eawag and Amirkabir University of Technology

Project title

Modeling drought vulnerability assessment at country and watershed Levels


The following objectives were tackled during the 4-months EPP stay as a visiting scholar in Eawag:

  • Assessing the influence of input data on automatic calibration of distributed hydrologic models
  • Building up country level (Iran) SWAT model, recognizing drought affected regions on watershed and country levels based on thresholds defined for precipitation, Temperature and Soil moisture variables
  • Modeling future scenarios of drought situations based on available GCM data

Host Research Center

  • Prof. Hong Yang (eawag)
  • Prof. Karim Abbaspour (eawag)

Funded by

Eawag under Partnership Programme for Developing Countries (EPP)

Bahareh Kamali
Senior scientist, Agrohydrological ecosystem modeller